So why this blog?

So … A week or so ago someone pointed out the movie “What the health” to me and to be honest, this kind of woke me up!

I started to realize that something I have been aware of for a long time is something that actually should stop. I started to realize that we live in a world where everything in the food industry is created to make us hooked on bad food. And it doesn’t really matter what it is that you try, it is almost impossible to be healthy. At least healthy in such a way that you don’t become a total zombie and forget that fun in life is also something that adds to your life span.

The movie kind of explains also how animals are destroying our planet. And no, not animals just because they are animals, but because we keep them in such large numbers that they are the true polluters of our planet, they need far more food than they produce and the add additional diseases to our life that we would not have, or far less, than if we would just not eat them.

In the majority of cases we keep animals in a way that is not only in-animal (because we treat even our worst people more humane) it is actually creating diseases in our bodies when we eat them. Animals eating their own dead brothers and sisters, eating there own feces and I don’t know what not. Eating poisoned food and in the end we eat them too.

Fish that are eating the waste we dump in our oceans just to get it back on our plates … And really, we just don’t care.

Am I an animal activist? Nope!

Am I vegan? Nope!

So am I a hypocrite?  Probably.

But that doesn’t mean I can do just that one little step into the right direction to try and live a life that is as healthy as it can be for me and as such for animals and people around me. And of course, for the planet we live on.

So this is my blog where I will write on how hard it is to lead a healthy life and what it is I need to do to get there. So this is about food, exercise, fun and all sorts of things that in it’s total circle will make me a happy and healthy person.

Thanks for reading!


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