So, one big thing when you want to start eating healthy is a healthy lunch. Well for me anyway because I am really bad in making breakfast in the mornings because I usually rush out the door and don’t make time for this. I know that this is something I may need to change but on the other hand there are many different opinions about how healthy or necessary breakfast really is. You can read one source here that gives a good general overview: (and one source is never the best way to decide what’s good and/or bad for you :))

So the recent changes I have made is trying to get a healthy lunch. I work a lot and I travel a lot to different countries so here is the first challenge. If you want to eat a healthy lunch and go to a restaurant in the area I work in (Latin America) it is really difficult. So why not just grab a salad? Well, salads are being washed and often the water used to wash the salads is not really healthy for me since I am used to a different type of water with a different type (or lack of) bacteria’s. So depending on your situation a salad is or isn’t an option. But I will figure out the outdoor health food in the next few weeks or so.

Now, if you have time to prepare your lunch I have found out that Quinoa is a great base to start with and combining it with sprouting seeds (wash them well) and nuts and cucumber, salads and some pasta or noodles or something and you have a great healthy lunch! Maybe add some “bad” stuff like Feta, Tuna or Salmon (and I say bad because of articles like these: Tuna and Salmon) in a small quantity to spice it up a little.

My Quinoa Lunch

So in short .. It isn’t easy to get a healthy lunch if you are used to eating out or if you like (LOVE) meat and fish. But, if you want to make a change in your diet, it can be done and it will not be easy.

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