Just do it!

One of the key elements of getting into a healthy lifestyle is to just do sports. Now I don’t know if it really matters if you run, swim, cycle or so, but I think that moving your body a lot and once in a while pushing its limits is good for your health.

An additional effect for me when I do a lot of sports is that I pay attention to what I eat. You can loose weight without too much of a strict diet if you move for the simple reasons that you increase the amount of calories needed for your body. Now if you would eat the same and start working out you will probably loose some weight. So a win/win.

And loosing weight is not one of the things I am going for since I feel fine the way I am.

I tried sporting apps that should motivate me to do cardio and realized they are not for me. It is very different for me to run like 30 minutes then it is for me to do 30 minutes cardio. Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Leg raises and Planking are the 4 things I started with and I still do them every other day but it is still not something I want to do but something I do because I feel I must do it. So I am still looking for a way that I get motivated doing these exercises.

Anyway. In the next few weeks I won’t have to travel much so I can run a lot and see if I can finish my first ever 10K under 55 minutes.

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