Say no to alcohol

So here’s something that I think everyone on the planet knows .. and still we drink way to much!

It has to be very clear that Alcohol is just poison that you let into your body that only does bad stuff to you, no matter how great it feels when you are drinking it. There is simply nothing good about alcohol. Nothing.

Starting article on “How alcohol affects your health” by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

However … it is not that easy to say no. Why? Because your social surroundings kind of expects you to drink. How else can you be fun to be around during a party or diner or something. And this social pressure is something we need to get rid of. If I tell people I quit smoking they won’t think (I hope) I am less fun to be around. However, with drinking it is different and this is because we want each other to be part of our bad behavior so we can say … “well everyone drinks”.

And yes, we all do, we all know it’s bad and still we continue.

Will I never drink? Hell no 🙂 But I will make drinking no longer a standard in my busy work life and have a nice drink, limited to 1 or 2 glasses, when I feel like it. And no, I will not feel like it every day 🙂

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