Healthy tool(s)

So when I started to think about my health I already had a smartwatch (Garmin ForeRunner 235) that told me my heart rate, sleep patterns and activity results. And I was fine with it and never really bothered much with it as I used the watch mainly for getting updates on my wrist so I didn’t have to check my phone. Also, I always have my phone on silent mode so by getting a vibration on my watch when I got a call was very useful.

But things have changed.

So since I moved abroad I started working on my health and I have actually been using my smartwatch to really measure my results and I found out about VO2max .

Now my VO2max was just terrible! I am a 49 year old guy and I had the fitness level of a 75 year old. And to be honest that was a big turn. The first thing I focused on was getting at least to my own age .. And I did. In fact, I increased my fitness age from 75 to 25! And it took me about 4 months to do so. From walking every day to now running at least 4 times a week.

So while chasing my fitness age I bought a new watch, the Garmin Fenix 5s Plus and this one doesn’t only show me my VO2max, it also shows me what I need to do to stay in my fitness level. And this is where I get a huge motivational kick from. Because I am competitive and hate to loose, I also hate to loose a level. You don’t want to go from fitness age 25 back to 30. At least I don’t!

So this for me is a super motivator to do at least the minimum during a week AND it is a huge motivator for me to do more so I can increase my fitness level to the next step.

I would advice anyone to look for a tool that helps the motivation and to keep pushing.

And no, I have no deal with Garmin, I just like their watches 🙂

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